space series set ambitions to bring together “a community of disruptive leaders to disconnect, collaborate, and create. For unlikely people, to share unexpected conversations.” s p a c e 2019 was all these things and more. I returned feeling positively vulnerable and expanded. Many conferences talk about uniting community to drive change but in reality, unlike s p a c e, few truly do. 

CJ Holden is one of the creators of space series, an event which defies traditional description; more like a festival of ideas than a conference, it successfully delivered something different. There are no official speakers or themes at  s p a c e, the content is designed and led by the guests. The program is co-created with all guests contributing; there are no passive participants at s p a c e.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, CJ shares his inspiration to disrupt the conference format by curating a truly immersive and results driven experience. We discuss how space series successfully delivered productive and inspiring conversations, and celebrate the post event achievement of community driven action.


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