Through this podcast series, we have seen a multitude of ways to embrace ageing with purpose, and the stories shared are inspiring change from many places. If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve heard, there are many ways you can help change ageing for the better.
Avanti Care’s Managing Director Lidia Conci has connected a wealth of experts and knowledge to establish her beliefs in consensus; that change is needed and available. But changing the aged care models requires all our efforts to provide the best lives for others, so they can provide their wisdom back to us.
Lidia Conci believes ageing with purpose means to care for the welfare of others, establish connections with people of all ages, and advocate for better standards of living. Her call to action is empowering for our own ageing process, but also provides our communities with people who are willing to give back in meaningful ways, so we can all age with purpose.
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The Ageing With Purpose podcast is produced by Narrative Marketing who believe that storytelling can positively impact the world. Interview questions in this episode were asked by Amelia Veale.