Influencer marketing is a bit of a buzz word at the moment, but many brands and marketers are unsure how to incorporate it into their marketing, or even where to start!
So in this episode, Erica is chatting with Natalie Giddings, Managing Director of influencer marketing specialists, The Remarkables Group.
Natalie and Erica discuss:
  • The benefits of working with influencers
  • The different ways brands can work with influencers
  • Managing expectations of influencer marketing
  • Tips for working with influencers directly
  • and more.
Always ahead of the curve, Natalie was also the first social media strategist in Australia’s first dedicated social media business, Thinktank Social.
In addition, Natalie shares what she is learning at the moment, and her top tip to help you be prepared to do your best online…
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