In this episode, Erica is Google geeking it up with fellow Google Ads lover, Melinda Samson, founder of Melbourne-based Google Ads agency Click-Winning Content.
Melinda and Erica discuss the what’s and why’s of Google Ads, before dissecting the two main ways marketers and business owners can use Google Ads: DIY or hiring an agency.
They share some resources and advice for those wanting to learn how to do it themselves, along with some important considerations and questions for anyone looking to hire an agency.
And regardless of which approach you take, they then share some important considerations for your successful Google Ads campaign.
Melinda also tells us what she’s learning at the moment, and her one tip for business owners and marketers to help them be prepared to do their best online…
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Here are some resources we mention during the episode…
Google Digital Garage:
Academy for Ads:
Google third party policy:
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