In what we expect to be the first of many appearances, digital marketer Jen Evison joined Erica to discuss one of their favourite topics: strategy!
We share our top tips for creating a successful digital marketing strategy, following the framework we use (available to download on our website).
In this episode we discuss:
• What is a strategy? (00:05:50)
• Identifying aims and objectives (00:09:47)
• Knowing your target audience (00:13:39)
• Customer journey (00:21:15)
• The importance of brand personality (and what it means) (00:24:00)
• Being realistic about your available resources (time, people, money) (00:32:00)
• Content strategy (00:35:00)
• Channel strategy (00:42:00)
• Campaign strategy (including social media advertising) (00:49:25)
• Measurement strategy (00:52:43)
• Implementing a strategy (00:54:49)
and more.
Jen also shares what she’s learning at the moment, and her one piece of advice that will help you be prepared to do your best online…
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