The most successful organisations and compelling business stories all have something in common. They understand not only what but why they’re doing business.

In this blog post, we take a look at the WHAT, HOW and WHY of your business…


I love this quote by Simon Sinek, who is world renowned for his Golden Circle, Start With Why concept. (You can check out the TEDx Talk that it’s from HERE.)

When looking to share any business story, you will have the greatest impact if you start with WHY. Without your WHY, you can’t understand your business identity, your story, your makeup.

Every business knows WHAT they do. Some even know HOW they do it differently or better than their competition. But very few know WHY they do what they do. What’s your purpose, your cause, your story? Why does your organisation exist?

Most marketing says WHAT we do and perhaps even HOW we do it. But hardly any focusses on WHY. These marketing messages are uninspiring, unconvincing even. They only tell half the story.

What I love about Simon’s approach is that he clearly explains why your goal shouldn’t be ‘to do business with everybody who needs what I have’; the goal is to do business with everybody who believes what you believe. 

Our beliefs are a core component of our identities. I relate to you because you believe the same things as me; we’re in the same tribe. Essentially, I want to do business with you because we’re the same.

And at the heart of every business story, there are beliefs; there’s a WHY.

I really encourage you all to watch Simon Sinek’s TEDx Talk to grasp fully how your WHAT, HOW and WHY relate to each other; Simon explains it really well using Apple as the example.

What’s your WHY?

Ask yourself: What do you believe in? Why does your business exist? 

For example, Narrative Marketing believes that storytelling is a superpower. Everything we do helps businesses to unlock its power.

Your WHY should be the basis for every word you write, every story you tell, every phone call you make, every social media post you publish.

If your readers get a sense of why your business operates through the story you tell, or the business narrative you weave, they’re more likely to come on that journey with you. 


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