A little over six weeks ago, our 2018 Goal Setting for Business programs began for members of our Brand Storytelling Superheroes group on Facebook.

The new year was an opportunity to set clear business goals and support each other to achieve them. Over the course of our first six week program, we shared resources with one another, confided our challenges and reviewed various business strategies. Some participants even won prizes!

Here’s a recap of the key topics and learnings from the program. We’re already planning our next free business programs. Join the Facebook Group if you don’t want to miss out!

The first of our free business programs is now complete!

Week 1: Goal Setting to Maximise Success

We were thrilled to welcome author and entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz on Be The Drop to kick off the program. As writer of the ground-breaking goal setting manual Life in Half a Second, Matthew was the perfect person to summarise why goal setting is so important and share some strategies for achieving business goals.

Two lucky participants also received a copy of Matthew’s book for completing the first week’s challenge.

Week 2: Business Financials for SME’s

In a very special podcast episode, Mitch Uzelac of MU Business Solutions and Ed Bernard of Formula Accounting joined me to help members of the group demystify their business financials. This was a goal I struggled with for a long time!

A key takeaway from this week was that sometimes in business, the best thing you can do is outsource. Outsourcing my business admin and accounting was the best decision I ever made. It really isn’t my field of expertise.

(Similarly, if any aspect of marketing is causing you grief, outsourcing to an external consultancy like Narrative Marketing could be the best decision you ever made!)

Week 3: Creating Your Marketing Plan

In this week, I shared some of my best kept marketing secrets, including a framework for creating your own strategic marketing plan. I also provided this 5 step process for getting started.

Week 4: Grow Your Business Through Storytelling

We were honoured to have Telstra Women in Business Awards winner Kylie Bishop join us on the podcast. She also offered a free consultation to one program participant.

We discussed why it’s important to review your goals and strategies on a regular basis, instead of waiting until the last minute. Kylie also shared her thoughts on the opportunities presented by using storytelling in your communications strategy.

Week 5: Practical PR and Business Communications

The world of public relations is a bit of a mystery to some, so we had PR expert Rebecca O’Rourke shed some light on it on Be The Drop. She shared top tips for doing your own PR. We also revealed our fool-proof five step process for handling negative comments on social media.

Week 6: Mastering Content Strategy

To finish off the program, we offered some more of our own expertise.

Narrative Marketing’s Chief Wordsmith Jojo Furnival picked my brain on all things content marketing. Plus, we shared the same template we use to develop content strategies for our clients. (If you would like access to this download, click here to join the group.)

Thanks to everyone who took part in this program. We look forward to seeing you in future business programs!









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