Beerenberg is one of my favourite brands. An Adelaide Hills girl, I grew up with Beerenberg as local produce and their strawberry jam was always a household favourite! They have an authentic and human brand narrative, beautiful premium products, and a whole lot of heart in their family-run business.

This powerful combination has seen them grow from selling strawberry jam at Adelaide’s East End Markets back in the 70’s to international distribution and an engaged online community of 27,000 social media followers today. For Marketing Manager Sally Paech, daughter of Grant who started the business 40 years ago, the business is almost another family member. 

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Sally talks about the marketing magic of brand storytelling, shares practical examples of how to engage your staff, and recalls fond memories of how it all began... 


“We’re really proud of our shop staff. They take pride in being relationship builders.”

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Listen to this episode to hear Sally Paech discuss the importance of being faithful to your values, plus the process behind the rebrand of Beerenberg to convey the story of their premium product:

In this episode you will learn:

  • The unique challenges and advantages of family business
  • The value of maintaining key business relationships
  • How to engage your staff in the business with internal communications
  • How to humanise your brand with powerful storytelling
  • The importance of consistency of message

This video was coordinated by Narrative Marketing and created by Peter Drew Arts.

Sally’s interview really illustrates  the impact of visual storytelling. At Beerenberg, their customers feel connected to and send feeback to particular staff members, because they know who they are and they’ve seen their pictures on social media.

Beerenberg is an excellent example of a business that has successfully humanised their brand using the power of story.

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“We’re always telling stories and we use real photos of staff to do it. Our customers feel like they know us as people.”



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Amelia xx

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