Networking Tips For Introverts: 100 Lunches with Kaley Chu [Podcast]

Networking Tips For Introverts: 100 Lunches with Kaley Chu [Podcast]

As an extrovert, I sometimes take for granted how comfortable I feel networking and meet new people. In a professional...

COVID-19 Mental Health + Working From Home: Our Top Resources [Podcast]

COVID-19 Mental Health + Working From Home: Our Top Resources [Podcast]

These days have been unlike any other. Like me, I’m sure you're finding the frequent and daily changes to things...

Communication To Effect Global Change with Ben Bickford [Podcast]

Communication To Effect Global Change with Ben Bickford [Podcast]

A waterfall begins with one drop. That's the concept behind the Be The Drop podcast, and a key philosophy in...

Melina Morrison Explains Cooperative and Mutual Enterprise

Cooperative and Mutual Enterprise: A Community Based Business Model [Podcast]

June 10, 2019

Cooperative and Mutual Enterprise is a business model that not all people understand – even people who are actually members of one. In this model, customers earn their right to influence the organisation, not for direct investment, but with their custom. It’s a model that…

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Time Management With Alexandra Laws

Time Management And Mindfulness For Optimal Performance [Podcast]

As modern life becomes more complex, and work pressures increase, stress and burnout are becoming increasingly common complaints. Quality of life isn’t in the standard business vocabulary, but time management is, and according to this week’s guest, this is one key element to achieving a…

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Tamsin and Amy, Female Leaders In Business

Championing Female Leaders In Business: The Edge PR [Podcast]

May 27, 2019

Women make up 51% of the Australian population however, there is not 51% representation of female leaders in business. We know that many women, and men, want equality, so it’s now time to move beyond talking about it, and to actually make headway in bringing…

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Lauren Thiel discusses accounting for creative business

Accounting For Creative Business With Lauren, The Real Thiel [Podcast]

May 20, 2019

Accounting for creative business is not a statement you often hear, or two groups of people you’d normally associate. However, finance is the basis of any business, and the creative arts experience sales, tax, and accounting in the same way any other business does. Lauren…

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Mark Harrington from myCar, discusses electric cars

Electric Cars: An Eco-Friendly Future with myCar [Podcast]

May 13, 2019

The rise of electric cars is happening across the globe, although Australia is currently lagging behind when it comes to cleaner, greener transport options. However, a recent report funded by Jaguar claims two thirds of Australians will have an electric car within the next 10 years….

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On-demand content with Tim Whiffen

Rise Of Podcasts: On-Demand Content With Tim Whiffen [Podcast]

On-demand content is now the preferred option for many consumers. Like Netflix is slowly strangling free to air TV, podcasts are slowly taking over space previously controlled by the commercial radio market. The difference – podcast, as on-demand content, allow listeners to chose when, where…

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Justin Westhoff and Scott Rogasch Explain Their Social Enterprise

Building a Social Enterprise With Justin Westhoff and Scott Rogasch [Podcast]

Across the globe, organisations known as a ‘social enterprise’ are on the rise. According to Social Traders, these are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide access to employment and training, or help the environment. Forage Supply Co, established by two friends, Justin Westhoff…

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Build a business as a professional magician with Matt Tarrant

Journey Of A Professional Magician With Matt Tarrant [Podcast]

Making a living as an entertainer in any field is challenging, as a professional magician the opportunities to do so are very limited. To be successful in this field requires patience, discipline and resilience; plus maybe a pinch of magic! Matt Tarrant is one of Australia’s…

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Simon Cameron Talks About The Heysen Trail

Heysen Trail Highlights With Simon Cameron [Podcast]

April 15, 2019

Our world is filled with spectacular scenery, some virtually in our backyard, relatively easy to access and yet still remains unknown by many people. The Friends of the Heysen Trail (FOHT) is a volunteer organisation working to raise public awareness of the incredible bushwalking opportunities in…

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Communication Lessons From The United Nations

From The United Nations To Business With Thilan Legierse [Podcast]

The United Nations was established to maintain international peace and security, and the UN representatives face danger and conflict on a daily basis. When the welfare of others is part of your job description, the most important foundation for your duties, is communication. Thilan Legierse…

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