Everyday Creativity In The Workplace with Mykel Dixon [Podcast]

Everyday Creativity In The Workplace with Mykel Dixon [Podcast]

Music and storytelling have been intertwined since the beginning. Both have a profound ability to take listeners on a journey,...

Shaping Humanity Through Storytelling with Durkhanai Ayubi [Podcast]

Shaping Humanity Through Storytelling with Durkhanai Ayubi [Podcast]

August 17, 2020 | , , ,

As an Afghan migrant living in a Western country, Durkhanai Ayubi became fascinated by the societal narratives that surrounded her. She often...

Gender Equality In The Workplace with Anneli Blundell [Podcast]

Gender Equality In The Workplace with Anneli Blundell [Podcast]

August 10, 2020 | , , ,

I've been meeting such fascinating people as part of my work putting together Transcending the Gender Narrative for channel 44; women...

JP Drake Talking About Retail Marketing

Powerful Storytelling In Retail Marketing with JP Drake [Podcast]

What better way to celebrate our 200th podcast episode than with a fellow South Australian storytelling superhero, JP Drake. Creator of the popular LinkedIn video series Retail Wrap, which earned him LinkedIn Australia Top Voice 2019, he also recently launched a podcast, helping him to share his…

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Neha Awashti shares her lead generation tips on be the drop podcast

How To Inject Soul Into Your Lead Generation Strategy [Podcast]

Black Lives Matter has been dominating the media in recent weeks. My guest this week has a personal connection to the conversations it has raised and was compelled to add her voice to the chorus of support. As a fellow storyteller and champion of marginalised…

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Matt Minear from BAD discusses creative branding

Rebellion & Creative Branding with Matt Minear [Podcast]

Storytelling that engages and inspires requires you to tell the right story to the right person. You need to use their language and tone, in order to create relevance and build trust. Storytelling is an art. How we translate that to world of business, especially…

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Louise Miller Frost Discusses The CEO Sleepout

Louise Miller Frost: Vinnies SA First Female CEO [Podcast]

The terrible circumstances of the last few months has contributed to making more women and children vulnerable. Among the range of critical services that Vinnies provide in South Australia is the Vinnies Women’s Crisis Centre which ensures women have support, safety and peace of mind for sound…

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Gender Equality Documentary by Narrative Marketing

More Than Our Gender: Creating New Gender Narratives [Podcast]

The gender equality conversation has been had many times, over many years. Positive progress has been made, however there are still many issues arising from gender inequality across the workplace and in daily life. There is still much to improve. In early 2019 Chris Warman…

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Lisa Watts Discusses The Conversation News on Be The Drop Podcast

How The Conversation (News) Began with Lisa Watts [Podcast]

Today, we live in a world of fake news and alternative facts – an infodemic where decisions are made on emotion not evidence. In worldwide coverage of the covid-19 pandemic, there has been increasing misinformation about coronavirus we have seen a wide range of the world is full of…

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Thomas Mayor discussed The Uluru Statement On Be The Drop Podcast

The Uluru Statement: Changing The First Nations’ Narrative with Thomas Mayor [Podcast]

Some years ago, while living in Broken Hill, I was privileged to work closely with the local aboriginal community. It was through this work that I learned the very real and tangible power of storytelling to bridge gaps and help foster positive change. As a…

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Alex Plisko discusses editing with the RODECaster Pro

Audio vs Video Editing And The RodeCaster Pro [Podcast]

I’ve been involved in video production for nearly 20 years and audio production for 5 years, over which time I’ve learnt and continue to learn techniques to help craft story. I’ve self taught myself tools like Adobe Premiere and RODECaster Pro but my primary role…

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Wabi Sabi Series by Michelle Cox on Be The Drop Podcast

Wabi Sabi: Embracing Imperfection with Michelle Cox [Podcast]

In traditional Japanese philosophy, wabi sabi (侘寂) is a world view that sees beauty in imperfection. A concept that as we muddle through remote working and home schooling during COVID-19 restrictions, I have seen an increased number of people embrace. Business meetings from home via Zoom have increased…

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Nathan Musson explains personalised video messaging

The Future of Personalised Video Content with Nathan Musson [Podcast]

I’ve been passionate about the power of video content for a long time. Being visual, it’s possible to achieve strong emotive connection. However, with high volumes of video now used in marketing, it can be hard to make your video stand out. One answer may…

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