Indigenous Stories On Screen With Penny Smallacombe [Podcast]

Indigenous Stories On Screen With Penny Smallacombe [Podcast]

Stories told through film or television, have the unique ability to help us understand alternative experiences and view points. An...

Storytelling Through Film – Rebecca Summerton At Screen Makers Conference [Podcast]

Storytelling Through Film – Rebecca Summerton At Screen Makers Conference [Podcast]

Storytelling through film captures our visual and auditory senses, it can transport us into other places, other peoples lives and...

How To Make A Podcast: Lessons We’ve Learnt [Podcast]

How To Make A Podcast: Lessons We’ve Learnt [Podcast]

If you're a regular listener, you'll know we love podcasts. Not only do we create and release this podcast; we...

2017 Blog Best Practices

Blog Best Practices For Inspiring Content That Performs

In 2018, it seems like there’s more and more to remember when writing a blog post. Platforms, keywords, page crawlers, backlinks… Nailing blog best practices feels like a pipe dream. Honestly, lately I’ve felt exhausted just at the thought of it. Why can’t it be…

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Guest interviews captured LIVE at We Are Podcast 2017

Convince, Convert + Automate – Be The Drop LIVE! @ We Are Podcast 2017

November 6, 2017

This week’s episode of Be The Drop is recorded LIVE! from We Are Podcast 2017 in Brisbane! The conference includes awesome speakers such as John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of Entrepreneurs on Fire, the podcast which ignited my own journey into podcasting, so my…

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Why Blogging For Business Is So Important To Your Strategy

Why Blogging For Business Is Key To Your Marketing Strategy

Congratulations, you’ve started blogging for business! But you don’t have a team of writers or videographers behind you, and you’re not really sure why blogging for business is so important. And you’re not really a writer, truth be told, so it feels like a struggle….

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Storytelling To Build Trust - Interview With Uniti Wireless

Storytelling To Build Trust with Uniti Wireless [Podcast]

Sasha Baranikov is an expert in storytelling to build trust. Co-founder and CEO of Uniti Wireless, she knows that stories are a powerful way to convey technical information and simplify it into relatable terms. When bringing a new product to market, you must tell the…

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Storytelling In The Boardroom With Lisa Cook [Be The Drop]

Storytelling In The Boardroom with Lisa Cook [Podcast]

October 23, 2017

Like me, Lisa Cook has always had a passion for business. Not only that, but she understands the role of storytelling in the boardroom. In fact, stories are an integral component of her boardroom training business, Get On Board. As Lisa was joining organisational boards…

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Visual storytelling: Emotion visuals, woman in light and shadow

4 Visual Storytelling Techniques To Supercharge Your Digital Content

They say, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Yes, visuals can sometimes convey meaning more efficiently than words. That’s why visual storytelling is a particularly important tool for time-poor small business owners – if there’s a way to convey your message quickly and powerfully, you…

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Jamie Stenhouse be-the-drop podcast

Business Storytelling For Entrepreneurs with Jamie Stenhouse [Podcast]

Like most entrepreneurs, Jamie  Stenhouse has experienced both highs and lows on his business journey. Head of Market Titans Agency and a fellow advocate of business storytelling, he was once a teenager with a speech impediment that saw him drop out of high school. He…

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Discussing Storytelling To Educate With George The Farmer Duo Simone & Ben

George The Farmer: Storytelling To Educate Cities On Rural Issues [Podcast]

October 2, 2017

Children learn through stories. And my Be The Drop podcast guests this week, “George The Farmer” duo Simone and Ben, are a great example of storytelling to educate not only kids but adults too. I caught up with them after a successful run at the…

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Learn To Succeed In The 2017 Marketing Landscape - Free Training

Need Marketing Support? We’ve Got Exclusive Birthday Special Offers!

There couldn’t be a better time for you to invest in marketing support. Why? Because September marks 3 years of Narrative Marketing and one year of the Be The Drop podcast , and we’re offering discounts across our three core service areas: Strategy, Content, and…

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Storytelling Quotes - Steve Jobs

15 Storytelling Quotes To Inspire Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing isn’t about products anymore, it’s about storytelling. (If you don’t believe us, read this blog post.) And we’ve found that storytelling quotes can provide a bit of inspiration when reviewing your marketing strategy. Stories aren’t just for playwrights, movie directors, and authors. These stroytelling…

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