Podcast Insights from Pocket Casts Developer – Russell Ivanovic [Podcast]

Podcast Insights from Pocket Casts Developer – Russell Ivanovic [Podcast]

Pocket Casts is my favourite app for listening to podcasts, and I'm not alone. Recently listed by TIME as one...

SEO: What It Is, Why It’s Important & How It Works [Training]

SEO: What It Is, Why It’s Important & How It Works [Training]

July 4, 2018 | , ,

In small business, there's very little time for lunch, let alone getting the lowdown on the latest trends in online...

CEO Sleepout – Working Together to Address Homelessness [Podcast]

CEO Sleepout – Working Together to Address Homelessness [Podcast]

July 2, 2018 | , ,

This week’s episode was recorded live from the CEO Sleepout where sharing stories helps raise awareness and generate much needed...

Jamie Stenhouse be-the-drop podcast

Business Storytelling For Entrepreneurs with Jamie Stenhouse [Podcast]

Like most entrepreneurs, Jamie  Stenhouse has experienced both highs and lows on his business journey. Head of Market Titans Agency and a fellow advocate of business storytelling, he was once a teenager with a speech impediment that saw him drop out of high school. He…

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Discussing Storytelling To Educate With George The Farmer Duo Simone & Ben

George The Farmer: Storytelling To Educate Cities On Rural Issues [Podcast]

October 2, 2017

Children learn through stories. And my Be The Drop podcast guests this week, “George The Farmer” duo Simone and Ben, are a great example of storytelling to educate not only kids but adults too. I caught up with them after a successful run at the…

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Learn To Succeed In The 2017 Marketing Landscape - Free Training

Need Marketing Support? We’ve Got Exclusive Birthday Special Offers!

There couldn’t be a better time for you to invest in marketing support. Why? Because September marks 3 years of Narrative Marketing and one year of the Be The Drop podcast , and we’re offering discounts across our three core service areas: Strategy, Content, and…

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Storytelling Quotes - Steve Jobs

15 Storytelling Quotes To Inspire Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing isn’t about products anymore, it’s about storytelling. (If you don’t believe us, read this blog post.) And we’ve found that storytelling quotes can provide a bit of inspiration when reviewing your marketing strategy. Stories aren’t just for playwrights, movie directors, and authors. These stroytelling…

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Josh Belperio Interview

Josh Belperio: How Does Music Cause Social Change [Podcast]

September 18, 2017

Across cultures, music is universally significant in telling stories. Music can evoke strong emotions that can bring us to tears or simply make us want to dance. But how does music cause social change? With marriage equality very much on the agenda, I decided to…

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Unique Dog Markings Help Explain Why Storytelling In Marketing Is Important

Why Storytelling In Marketing (And Life) Is The Best Approach

September 14, 2017

You may be wondering why we talk about the power of story so often, what “unlocking storytelling superpowers” is all about in our blog subscription box, and exactly why storytelling in marketing is the best approach. Few can deny the power of a good story,…

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The Power Of Storytelling In Marketing [Be The Drop Podcast]

September 4, 2017

Welcome to Episode 52 of Be The Drop – a weekly podcast that investigates the power of storytelling in marketing, to super-charge your business. September marks 3 years since I started my Narrative Marketing business journey, from humble beginnings as a sole trader to a company…

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What LinkedIn can do for you and your business

Why LinkedIn Training Is Essential For Your Business

August 31, 2017

You have a LinkedIn account, but you still don’t really know what LinkedIn can do for you – am I right? With constant design updates and algorithm changes, how can you make sure your LinkedIn profile is actually contributing to business growth? Whoever you are,…

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Starting A Business – Marcus Booth-Remmers [Be The Drop Podcast]

August 28, 2017

I love chocolate. I especially love high quality, deliciously creamy chocolate served with a smile. This is what Marcus Booth-Remmers delivers at  Red Cacao. From a simple love of chocolate, a passion for the technicality and complexity of being a chocolate focussed pastry chef, to…

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LinkedIn Networking Saves Time & Builds Business [LinkedIn Training]

For all our modern devices, apps and powerful technology, do you ever feel like you’re not really connecting to your clients or customers? Does your small business feel like just another drop in the internet ocean? If you’re hunting around for business networking events in…

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