We work with a lot of small business clients, so I know outsourcing content writing isn’t always financially feasible. So to help you out, I’m sharing my top blogging tips for 2018 to empower you to blog better.

According to WordPress, 76.3 million posts are published on WordPress each month, and more than 409 million people view 22.3 billion blog pages each month. So how do you give your blog content the best chance at being seen?

Read on to discover 5 simple, actionable blogging tips to take your writing to the next level…

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Blogging Tips For Small Businesses That Are Killing It
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Blogging Tips You Can Use Right Away

Below is a short list of tips to super-charge your blog writing.

1. Communicate your “why”

“When people come to your blog for practical advice only, they can easily swap you for another blogger. You become a commodity. In the eyes of your readers, you’re an information-sharer, not a three-dimensional human being.” (source)

Show that you’re human. Consider why you’re writing the blog post; can you share that story? Communicating your motivations is an impactful way to create engagement.

2. Clarity and simplicity

This is one of the best blogging tips I can give you. Be clear and concise in your writing; the golden rule is “less is more”.

Remember the old “kiss” adage, Keep It Simple, Stupid! You don’t need to write an essay. A simple structure like a list can often convey just as much value.

e.g. This is one of the smartest list posts I’ve come across. Simple, but effective. (And I bet they get LOADS of clicks to that solitary link.)

3. Optimise  

Every blog post published on your website is a new page with its own content. Each page has the potential to be optimised for search ranking. Do some keyword research and input meta descriptions. Yoast is a great free SEO tool for WordPress users.

More about on-page optimisation here: Blog Best Practices For Inspiring Content That Performs

4. Consistency is key

Be consistent in your production of blog posts. This is super important. We’ve interviewed numerous bloggers in our Be The Drop podcast, and consistency is one thing they can all agree on.

Award-winning Styling Curvy blogger, Jenni Eyles, says:

“Be persistent, be consistent, be resilient.”

5. Keep it real

Play to your strengths. There are many ways to create content and communicate your message. If you struggle with writing, maybe video’s more your thing…

If so, remember the Facebook algorithm favours video posted natively (as opposed to YouTube links). It also loves Facebook Live. Don’t be afraid to play around to discover what works. Remember, life (and business) is better when we’re having fun! ????

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