Should You Be Podcasting?

Podcasting has been around in a mainstream sense since 2006. However, the popularity of podcasts has soared in the past few years, meaning many more businesses and individuals have jumped aboard the podcast train – including us!

In the excitement of launching our podcast “Be The Drop – Investigating Modern Storytelling” in the coming weeks, we wanted to touch on why podcasting has become so popular; and why you need to seriously consider the medium to connect with your audience…


Unique Medium

Podcasting is a medium like no other.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are all over particular business benefits, however, none of them really create interaction like podcasting. If we had to choose something that was similar, maybe Facebook Live comes close – but even then there are so many differences they really can’t be compared.

Podcasting can range from 5 minute snippets of fast facts, through to one hour+ shows that really deep dive into interviews and content for the subscriber.

Intimate Communication

Podcasting creates an intimate environment where you can be in the listener’s ear while they are going about their day; with the majority of podcasts listened to while driving, cleaning or on a morning walk/run. You have your listener’s attention, and if your podcast is interesting and relatable then you’ll have their loyalty.

You Don’t Need To Know Everything

Podcasting allows you to interview experts from all walks of life and have them share everything they know with you and your audience.

Unlike a blog or a social media channel where more often than not you are generating the content yourself, podcasting allows you to take a step back and learn from others in your industry; and then share that knowledge with your community.

Here at Narrative Marketing, we pride ourselves on being great communicators. And part of being a great communicator is being a great listener. By beginning our new podcast, we will engage experts from all different walks of life who love communicating with their communities, and share their lessons and tips.

Revenue Source

While this shouldn’t be the main reason initially for beginning a podcast, it is definitely something that you can consider as your audience begins to grow. Sponsored podcasts and collaborations are a great way to monetise your work. The number of full-time podcasters is growing by the week, so why not get to work and make your podcast work for you.

Be a Guest

You might not be quite at the stage yet where the work involved creating your own podcast is viable. However, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to be part of podcast shows.

Perhaps someone in your community or in your industry has already established themselves as a podcaster. Consider approaching this person and offer yourself as a guest. If you have something valuable to say and would like to extend your network past the current one, then you really have nothing to lose. It also makes for good practice until you get a channel of your own.

We’d love to hear from you as to which podcasts you love and why!

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