The Future of Personalised Video Content with Nathan Musson [Podcast]

I’ve been passionate about the power of video content for a long time. Being visual, it’s possible to achieve strong emotive connection. However, with high volumes of video now used in marketing, it can be hard to make your video stand out. One answer may lie in advanced AI software, used to create extremely personalised video messaging, with tailored content produced in real-time.

Nathan Musson is the founder of eMoo Media, which has developed a solution to completely personalise video content. Through AI, the footage and content is selected and editing using the viewers specific profile information. Using personality, behaviour and intent elements the software creates programmatic storytelling videos delivered at mass scale.

In episode 191 of Be The Drop, recorded LIVE from Pause Fest, Nathan blows my mind with examples of personalised video content this software has created. Nathan also shares valuable insight into the power of personalisation. 

Nathan Musson explains personalised video messaging

“We all have a channel or host that resonates with us. We become part of their tribe. Personalised experiences are what we crave.”

In this episode on personalised video messaging, you will learn:

  • The role of cognitive APIs and “tiny moments” in personalised content
  • Some examples of incredible personalised video messaging created by Nathan’s team
  • A bit about the editing process to achieve such extreme personalisation
  • How up to 1 million variable storylines can be compiled and delivered on demand
  • Powerful examples of how technology can combine to create real-time emergency response information
  • How effective marketing and communications must understand the moment of time our audience is in and their velocity of consumption in that moment

“The reason people don’t take action fast enough is they don’t believe the information they’re getting.

Nathan Musson on Be The Drop Podcast


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Amelia xx

Want more? Join our FREE Facebook Group where we provide tools and resources to help you supercharge your digital storytelling content.

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