Palliative Care – Conversations We Need To Have, With Ella Stratton [Podcast]

Palliative care is bittersweet, we are grateful to have it, but accepting this service requires us to face the frail nature of life. Palliative care extends beyond removing pain and creating comfort, it’s about making sure the patient doesn’t count days, or forget their lives matter, for young and old.

Ella Stratton is the Director of HAS Foundation, an organisation setup to help families with children with life limiting conditions. Ella began this foundation after her son Hunter Alfred Stratton, passed away. Since losing her child, Ella has found the strength to tell others of her journey so they can learn from her experience, and she is also working to serve and nurture others by creating care packages through her foundation.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Ella shares her emotional and moving story of her family’s palliative care experience. Ella explains how Hunter and the strength he showed in life, motivates her to create programs and services to help others who also find themselves in this heartbreaking situation.

Talking Palliative Care With Ella Stratton

“Our journey with Hunter was incredibly difficult; we were fortunate to have family and friends to support us. Some people don’t have the support we did, and we want to help those people.”

This episode talks openly about death which some listeners may find upsetting. If you or someone close to you needs support navigating palliative care, contact the HAS Foundation or visit Paediatric Palliative Care for an Australia wide list of support services.

Listen now to the full episode:

In this episode on Palliative Care, you will learn:

  • What’s involved in palliative care and who receives this care
  • How to deal with emotional trauma, and come back stronger
  • What you can do to help others who are experiencing tough times
  • Why sharing your story can be so powerful and comforting for others in strife
  • How to navigate distressing and taboo subjects 
  • Why compassion and caring for others, helps empower and support yourself
  • The power of human determination and empathy
  • When you find what drives you, tell others your story

“Not a day goes by where something doesn’t trigger my emotions, and I break down in tears. The important thing is using those moments to move forward and share.”

Amelia and Ella Discuss Palliative Care

Amelia Veale and Ella Stratton

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Want more? Join our FREE Facebook Group where we provide tools and resources to help you supercharge your digital storytelling content.

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