Finding Balance for Business Addicts – with Loren Bartley

If you’re the kind of person that wants to work on your business 24/7 and sometimes struggle to find balance – today’s podcast is going to be especially beneficial for you! #BusinessAddicts is the podcast for people addicted to business. Loren Bartley is the Producer and Co-Host of #BusinessAddicts, which for the past 2 years has been building its community of predominantly business owners who identify as so passionate about their business that other aspects of their lives can sometimes suffer. This is a community that recognises that passion, but also provides support. 

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Loren talks about building community for business, about being brave enough to be vulnerable, and she reveals how to feed the beast without starving the person you are…


Don’t launch to crickets!

Without a community, you have no business. Loren’s advice is to get some people on the journey with you from the very beginning; start building your community before you even launch. Those people will understand the passion and the direction you’re going in, which will help you to further amplify your messages when you do finally go live. And you’ll be sure that your idea is something people identify with. It’s all about finding your tribe of people that “get it”.

Listen to Loren’s Be The Drop podcast episode here:

Identify the needs of your community.

Loren’s community is united by a passion for business that pushes the boundaries of healthy. So it’s critical to put out quality content of interest and of use to these people, but it’s also essential to give them opportunities to participate:

During one of their podcasts, Loren said she needed help meditating; upon hearing this, others were inspired to raise their hands and admit they needed help with meditation too. This resulted in #BusinessAddicts running a meditation challenge with their listeners. If you identify the needs of your community, all you then have to do is deliver on that. 


Loren explains that the importance of over-sharing is two-fold: Over-share in terms of regularity, from a social media perspective, because people will only see a small proportion of your output; also over-share with regards content substance, because this is how your community will get to know, like and trust you. Loren and Fiona share a lot of their personal journeys and it brings people closer to them. Go beyond the facts and the key messages, and the more connected your community will be.

Don’t worry about being vulnerable, Loren says. You don’t need to peel back all the layers of the onion at once; just go for the top layer first and see how it feels. It’s the heartbreak, the challenges and the comedy of life that resonates with people, which is ultimately what brings connection. #BusinessAddicts is a forum for sharing all kinds of stories; not just the successes, but the failures too. When listeners get to meet each other in real life after getting to know each other through the online community, it creates real friendships and a sense of belonging. 

Encourage conversation.

#BusinessAddicts has a Facebook Page and a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, plus email marketing to provide updates about the podcast and promote any upcoming events. However, the heart of the online community is the Facebook Group. Loren explains that Facebook’s algorithm favours Group activities rather than Pages, and it’s the easiest place for community members to talk to each other. The stories listeners hear throughout the podcasts make them want to continue those conversations, and they can do this via the Facebook Group. Loren explains that people want to be part of a real community of people, to engage in conversations, rather than be at arm’s length. It’s more meaningful and inclusive, the way a community should be. 


Thank you again for tuning in and listening to the BTD podcast, I can’t wait for the next installment to bring you more inspiring people talking about their strategies for connecting with and building a positive community.

 Amelia xx


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