This HR Tip Will Boost Your Digital Marketing [LinkedIn Training]

Want to make sure your content is seen by more professional networks? You might have sussed that LinkedIn is the platform to go to, but did you know that a little employee engagement can super-charge your marketing strategy?

LinkedIn is not just a social network, it’s a content platform. Content marketing is a proven way to engage B2B buyers who are looking for information online. And since at least 4 out of 5 Australian professionals are using LinkedIn (source), it follows that content marketing on this platform is a smart choice for B2B marketers.

But significant time and resource is required to manage a fully integrated digital marketing campaign – and this is where employee engagement comes in!

Creating economy of scale, a LinkedIn Employee Engagement Program (LEEP) will allow your company to tap into expanded professional networks to improve brand visibility, and boost SEO at a fraction of the cost of traditional digital marketing.

That’s right. A LEEP is an awesome marketing tool and this is how it works…

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There are many I’s in a LinkedIn team

Organisations are made up of individuals and LinkedIn, unlike Facebook, is still very focussed on the individual. For example, a company page can’t tag or share the content of another company page, only individuals can.

So the best way to share a business’s LinkedIn content to reach a wider audience is via the employees that work there.

Producing and sharing valuable content on LinkedIn cultivates thought-leadership within the industry and directly affects the company brand. This directly impacts the bottom line; according to research by ITSMA, 60% of B2B buyers consider thought-leadership as “important” or “very important” when they are choosing new service providers for their companies (source).

If the company where you work has a LinkedIn page, you should already be following it. But are you and your colleagues also doing these three simple things that will give your marketing strategy some extra legs?

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  • Like and share company page content  – not only does this appear in the newsfeeds of your connections, your activity also appears on your LinkedIn profile. You don’t need to share everything, but remember that your LinkedIn company page following is unlikely to grow unless employees interact with its content. Share news about big wins, blog posts authored by staff members, and keep the HR team happy by sharing job vacancies. Easy peasy!
  • Comment on company posts – even if it’s something simple  like “Great work team!” or tagging colleagues that might be interested in the content, this sort of activity boosts post engagement and, in turn, your brand’s reach.
  • Use Groups – now’s your chance to demonstrate thought-leadership by adding value and being part of conversations that are relevant to your industry. Join and monitor the conversations in relevant Groups; take the opportunity to answer any queries, share relevant content from your company blog or industry news and become viewed as experts in your field. It may be a slow burn, but this sort of activity could lead to an increase in sales leads in the long run.

Remember: The LEEP is only effective when employees interact with company content and continue to do so on a regular basis.

The benefits

We feel like we’ve covered some of these already. But for ease of getting sign off from your team leader, a LEEP will:

  • improve brand visibility
  • ramp up lead generation efforts
  • boost SEO
  • publish content that reaches more of your target audience
  • support your B2B storytelling content strategy
  • contribute to business growth (read this blog for more reasons why LinkedIn is the  platform to invest in)

What about the cost?

Investing in some coherent social media training to kickstart your LinkedIn Employee Engagement Program is an initial outlay. But it needn’t be expensive.

There are a number of training options out there to suit a variety of budgets and businesses, from basic YouTube videos and free blog posts like this one, to in depth LinkedIn Training workshops tailored to your business (we provide these! Click here to find out about the different options).

If you want something that will get results without having to herd colleagues to workshops, our self-guided learning package includes an easy to follow workbook and downloadable video tutorials. Developed from our face-to-face workshop training, it’s a comprehensive LinkedIn for Beginners guide. Coming soon – register your interest here.

And that’s it! No advertising costs or agency fees. The LEEP is driven by each participant whose ongoing contribution includes suggesting company content ideas to the LEEP coordinator. If everyone engages fully with the program, it’s easily self-sustaining.

So if you’re looking to increase your digital marketing efforts to build the company profile and position as an industry leader, a LinkedIn Employee Engagement Program can help you, your colleagues and organisation super-charge your LinkedIn presence.

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