Why Does Change Have To Come Only At Breaking Point?

Sometimes in life and business, we feel like we want to change direction. But it’s only a niggling feeling, so we leave things as they are. “If it ain’t broke,” as they say, “don’t fix it.”

I had that niggling feeling once. I had it many times actually. It said, “working in London is no longer right for me.” But I just carried on as I was, because I feared addressing that niggling feeling with change was not going to be easy. Where will I go? What about work? What will I do with my flat? And so on.

The process of bringing about change is difficult, even painful. Look at the caterpillar. One day it stops crawling around nibbling on leaves and decides to cocoon itself in a dark shell for weeks on end, in the faith that it’ll emerge one day and do something it’s never done before: fly.

Like the butterfly, we too could fly. But we shy away from change because we fear the unknown. If we haven’t tried something before, how do we know it’s going to work? We don’t. So we leave things untouched for as long as we can, to breaking point, before we reluctantly take control and change direction.

Imagine if we stopped procrastinating and did it sooner…

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Change Direction Gracefully Like The Butterfly

I’m not the first one to transform my life after reaching breaking point. In fact, most health and wellness coaches, business mentors and entrepreneurs can tell you a story of darkness that was their catalyst for change.

Former Be The Drop guest, Juliet Lever, relaunched her life after being a “stressed out workaholic, chocaholic, shopaholic and alcoholic” with severe anxiety. Within the space of 12 months, Juliet left her job and marriage behind as part of a tremendously difficult decision-making process to transform who she was.

Now she coaches others to relaunch their lives, let go of the past and find themselves again.

Another previous podcast guest, Jess Caire, has a similar story. In May 2016, she embarked on a Kokoda trek to raise money for Interplast.

“It was to be a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I didn’t realise just how life-changing it would be.”

Two days into the excursion, trekking up tracks soggy from a deluge of recent rain, the ground gave way beneath Jess and she fell 25m down the cliff. Her fall onto rocks at the bottom of the creek was broken only when her legs became entangled in a series of vines.

She had come as close as physically possible to hitting “rock bottom” and survived.

“My life changed that day. I feel different than I did before… That day is becoming less of a terrible accident and more of an awakening.”

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Change Direction Without Hitting Rock Bottom

“The universe sends us messages, warning signs,” said Jess. “Clearly I was ignoring the subtle ones, so it threw a pearler my way – a heart-stopping, slap in the face. But a glorious and very rare second chance.”

So, wouldn’t it be great if we could experience all the benefits of a change in direction without the pain of hitting rock bottom? What if we decided to change direction sooner.

What feelings are niggling away at you? Do you want to change direction – either in business or in life? Take the bull by the horns. Don’t leave it until breaking point.

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photo credit: TJ Gehling Lorquin’s admiral via photopin (license)

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