Beach volleyball and being a better at business communication are rarely heard in the same sentence and one can be forgiven for thinking the parallels between the two are limited. But, in episode 14 of Be The Drop Podcast I chat with Olympic Beach Volleyballer Becchara Palmer. Becchara shares openly with us tips around connecting to a wide and diverse community through storytelling and the lessons beach volleyball has taught her.

Connect with yourself, and share that

We’ve discussed numerous times throughout the Be The Drop Podcast series the genuine connection that comes from honest and vulnerable messages, Becchara touches on it too. Her experiences in elite beach volleyball these past 13 years have afforded her a vast array of different experiences and she wholeheartedly believes that in order to share these experiences, and the learnings gained from them, she must first connect with herself. It’s this inner connection, this connection to what is real for her in any given circumstance, that she is then able to communicate to others and forge that genuine connection that can only be built from wholehearted vulnerability . It will resonate also with people from all walks of life and allow your marketing messages to reach further.

Progress past it being all about you.

One of the biggest changes in Becchara’s career came long after the London Olympics, where she realised her sporting endeavors had very little to do with her personally. Her ‘why’ or her purpose shifted to learning as much as possible, through her day to day life as a Beach Volleyballer, and then sharing that with people who also wanted to improve their situation. This same philosophy rings true when communicating with a customer base, and is the backbone of inbound marketing, how does your service or product help someone else?

But remember, people can smell bullsh*t – if it’s not genuine find a way to make it genuine before embarking on any kind of campaign.

Stay true.

Becchara touches on dealing with negativity in her community in a very simple way. Staying true to her beliefs and opinions. Towards the end of the podcast, she touches on how controversial her beloved sport can sometimes be. She has found that honesty and a succinct ability to convey her viewpoint in any given situation often dissolves and negativity before it can escalate.

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