In traditional Japanese philosophy, wabi sabi (侘寂) is a world view that sees beauty in imperfection. A concept that as we muddle through remote working and home schooling during COVID-19 restrictions, I have seen an increased number of people embrace. Business meetings from home via Zoom have increased our empathy for life’s imperfections, as we navigate interruptions from dogs, children and technology issues. My guest this week has been guided by this philosophy for a number of years.
Michelle Cox describes herself as a “reluctant author” even though she has just written and launched three books in her Wabi Sabi Series. Michelle is passionate about embracing the unconventional and challenging the status quo. Her personal journey has been full of challenges, from cancer to considerable loss. But these ‘imperfections’ in life are what make her human and motivated her to release her book series.
In episode 192 of Be The Drop, recorded LIVE from Pause Fest, Michelle talks about the concept of wabi sabi – embracing imperfection and how the book series came to fruition. She also shares her thoughts on the power of simplicity in communication.
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