Some years ago, while living in Broken Hill, I was privileged to work closely with the local aboriginal community. It was through this work that I learned the very real and tangible power of storytelling to bridge gaps and help foster positive change. As a non-aboriginal Australian, this experience helped motivate my desire to understand my Australian story in a way that connects to, acknowledges past hurts and celebrates the incredible stories of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tribes.
Thomas Mayor is the National Indigenous Officer at the Maritime Union of Australia, and a passionate advocate of the Uluru Statement and the three reforms contained within it. In fact, the Statement is an invitation to all Australians – to “walk with us” and support the proposed reforms to create a better future for the entire Australian nation. If you believe that the First Nations deserve to have a voice, this interview with Thomas will help you understand how to show your support.
In episode 194 of Be The Drop, recorded LIVE at Adelaide Writers’ Week, Thomas recites the entire Uluru Statement – which he knows by heart. He explains the journey to create his book, Finding the Heart of the Nation, shares some helpful resources and extends an invitation to join the movement.
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