When it comes to looking after ourselves, most of us treat symptoms when they appear instead of managing our lifestyle to prevent them from occurring. Stress management is one such issue that stops us from working effectively and enjoying time out of the office, yet most of us don’t prevent overload until it’s too late.

Susie Hopkins is an expert on stress, she knows exactly what the weight of stress feels like whether it be stress from work, family, or your own expectations. Susie’s reaction to the stress in her life was to learn how to manage them, and based on the knowledge she built from her journey, she established  Lilo Wellness, a science-based stress management business. 

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, we discuss techniques to deal with the hurdles life throws our way. Susie’s own stress-inducing journey from nurse to small business owner is one of many examples she uses to explain why we get stressed, what the consequences are, and how we can both manage and prevent stress.


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