Pocket Casts is my favourite app for listening to podcasts, and I’m not alone. Recently listed by TIME as one of the 5 best podcast apps, Pocket Casts receives international recognition as one of the leading listening platforms. I was therefore very excited to interview Russell Ivanovic, Pocket Casts Co-Founder and Developer.

Russell + Co-Founder Philip Simpson, developed their first app in 2008 – an Australian weather app, which became number 1 in the app store in Australia. Two years later, they quit their day-jobs and begun full time development on the Pocket Casts app.  

Pocket Casts was recently acquired by a collective group that includes four of the world’s top podcast producers – NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago, and This American Life For Russell, the partnership works because the collective group shares his passion for keeping podcast content open and accessible to everyone.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, we delve into the world of podcasts, Russell talks about the highs and lows of his business journey and he reveals his predictions for the future of podcasts.

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