In episode 244, Sérgio Brodsky, Principal Consultant at SURGE Advisory discusses the elements of foresight with Lucio Ribeiro, Business Strategy and Digital Consultant at Lucio.AI. This episode is a little different than my normal format, as the interview was recorded as a “Fireside Chat” at Pause Fest 2021. Pause Fest has a mission to bring […]
In episode 243, we look back at some of our Be The Drop Tips. From genuine curiosity of your customers, to love and connection, my guests share their top tips on how you can communicate and amplify your story to create impact.  Tips in this this episode are shared by Lisa Leong, Derrick McManus, Ben […]
In episode 242, San-San Truong, Co-Chair of the Australian Graphic Design Association in Victoria and Design Director at Supersan Design discusses the importance of creativity. We talk about the value of structure in creativity, how the two work together and how to push the boundaries to create better or clearer messages. >> Episode recorded in […]
In episode 241, social researcher and bestselling author of 19 books, Hugh Mackay, discusses the joy of discovering who we are. He explains the importance of looking at our inner self, not with a view of independence but with one of interdependence. Hugh reveals ways to build this through re-connecting with a sense of community […]
In episode 240 of Be The Drop, Founder of Small Fires Publishing, Grace O’Hara explains why humans need humility for impact. We discuss how individuals can use their own power to remove obstacles for others – and why that’s important. Grace also shares why we should measure success in equal parts of impact and happiness.  […]
In episode 239, Founder of She’s The Boss Group, Jules Brooke discusses the current movement of change and how women are turning the challenges of the pandemic into opportunities to create positive progress. We talk about why it’s critical for women to empower other women and reflect on the importance of men as both allies […]
In episode 238, Co-Founder of iDiscover, Ester van Steekelenburg explains why it’s important to keep cultural heritage alive for a more vibrant and viable urban future. She explains the value of unlocking community stories to connect people and places to help us celebrate the spirit of place.  >> Episode recorded in conjunction with Pause Fest […]
In episode 237, Author and Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, Jess Scully discusses the need for active citizenship and the responsibility we all share, for taking action to be a part of global solutions. Jess provides tips on how to be a proactive voice for the positive change you want to see and how to […]
In episode 236 of Be The Drop, Founder of The Right-brain Workout, Alex Wadelton shares why creativity is now more important than ever. We discuss the importance of following a path that feels meaningful and how to foster and improve creative techniques. Alex shares some of his creative highlights and reveals how connectedness was critical […]
In episode 235, Principal and Creative Director Steve Davis shares lessons learnt from the launch and growth of Talked About Marketing. We discuss Oscar Wilde and the value of not taking oneself too seriously, to help navigate serious conversations in lighthearted ways. Steve weaves entertaining stories throughout the episode as he introduces us to Professor […]
Episode 234 was recorded live in the gorgeous McLaren Vale at the Fleurieu Film Festival 2021. We hear from a range of the festival organisers and filmmakers about the importance of this event to support both the industry and aspiring filmmakers. We delve into the power of visual storytelling and share tips for those looking […]
In episode 233 of Be The Drop, we investigate how to empower men as advocates of the gender equality conversation, for the benefit of both men and women. The audio for this podcast comes from episode 7 of our documentary, Transcending The Gender Narrative. We hear thoughts from Anneli Blundell, Hunter Johnson, Jon Yeo, Bruce […]
In episode 232 of Be The Drop, Bonjoro CEO Matt Barnett explains how they’re building a platform to help businesses use video to build real relationships with their customers, at scale. He discusses why personalised video emails are so powerful and why it’s important to focus on automating the process, not your relationships. Matt shares […]
In episode 231 of Be The Drop, Pause Fest CEO and founder George Hedon discusses how businesses can reframe the pressures and impacts of covid-19. He explains how Pause Fest 2021 is taking an innovative approach to delivering online conference content and how they’ll be using this opportunity as a force for good, by donating […]
In episode 230 of Be The Drop, Qualified Accountant and Certified Money Coach, Jess Giles discusses how to master your relationship with money and why it’s important in order to achieve financial freedom. Jess shares valuable tips to help you train your mind, ready for abundance in the year ahead. —- 2021 Reframed is a […]
In episode 229 of Be The Drop, lifestyle coach and ego identity specialist, Penny Hall walks us through how we can discover our unbound identity by explaining the link between ego and identity. Penny shares a range of mindset tools that will help you improve your adaptability, to give you the strength and resilience to […]
In episode 228 of Be The Drop, Leadership Coach and mentor, Nardia Renney discusses how we can allow ourselves to thrive by aligning with our values. She explains how to live an intentional and conscious life by honouring your feelings and meeting your needs. Nardia shares advice and tips to help you live with intention […]
In episode 227 of Be The Drop, NLP Master Trainer, Hypnotherapist and transformational speaker, Cherry Farrow helps us to master our mindset through the power of self suggestion. She reveals how the words we use have the ability to empower or disempower us; by rephrasing our language, we can improve the positivity of our experiences. […]
In episode 226, Host of Be The Drop, Amelia Veale finishes the year in reflection and discusses the concept of Radical Self Love. Amelia also introduces the Podcast Miniseries: 2021 Reframed – a mindfulness series to help you reboot ready for the new year.  —- 2021 Reframed is a podcast miniseries delivered over episodes 227 […]
In episode 225 of Be The Drop, the Founder of Mindful Impact, Tania Davies shares how you can live a life without the limitation of fear through the 5E’s of empowerment. We reflect on the importance of self care and Tania shares tips to help you build your confidence. We also discuss a powerful gift […]
In episode 224, brand and marketing specialist, Vanessa Choi discusses the key structures and systems businesses should consider, to manage their marketing. Vanessa shares a range of tips including how to understand your audience and how to select the best digital marketing platforms to suit your business needs. We also review some of the most […]
In episode 223, Sticky-Beek Co-Founder Josh Ryan shares his business startup and app development journey. We discuss both the highs and lessons learned as he navigated from idea to app launch. Josh also shares his top tips for listeners considering the process of developing an app for their business. —- Are you considering starting a […]
In episode 222, leadership and brand storytelling expert Gabrielle Dolan, returns to share her tips on how to be a good leader through Real Communication. Gabrielle explains why honest communication earns trust and is therefore critical in successful leadership. We discuss what real communication and authentic leadership means, and Gabrielle shares her top tips on […]
In episode 221 of Be The Drop, Danielle Arkit, Founder of Social Media Supermum discusses how to get sales and leads into your inbox. She explains the importance of building a relationship with your clients before jumping straight to long term commitment requests. Danielle takes us through how to make Facebook Ads work for your […]
In episode 220 of Be The Drop, Rob Sturrock shares how he became a fatherhood, child-caring and gender equality advocate which led to writing his book, Man Raises Boy. We discuss on-going barriers to gender equality for both men and women plus Rob shares his top tips for men wanting to change the role they […]
In episode 219 of Be The Drop, artistic photographer Asher Milgate explains his creative and personal journey to create “Survivors” a multifaceted storytelling project sharing voices of Elders from the Wiradjuri Nation. We discuss why it’s so important for non indigenous Australians to become more engaged with and gain greater understanding of Australia’s Aboriginal culture […]
In episode 218 of Be The Drop, I’m joined by long term podcaster and systems strategist, Yann Ilunga. Yann explains different strategies to leverage podcasts in your content marketing. He shares his top tips on how to embrace podcast systems and workflow automation; and we also discuss communication strategies that help build engaged communities. —- […]
In episode 217 of Be The Drop, Career Storyteller Marlene Cole explains how to integrate career stories to have a powerful and persuasive impact on career development and employability. We discuss common barriers that people face when looking to communicate their unique value and Marlene shares tips on how to overcome this to illuminate and […]
In episode 216 of Be The Drop, I’m very excited to share insights from Gabrielle Dolan, a global thought leader on authentic leadership and business storytelling. Through sharing her own stories, Gabrielle guides us through the power of stories for work. She also explains four types of stories to use in business communications and shares […]
In episode 215 of Be The Drop, I chat with Benson Saulo, the in-coming Consul-General to Houston, Texas, United States. Benson discusses his passion for positive change, building networks and also shares his cultural insights as a descendant of the Wemba Wemba and Gunditjmara Aboriginal nations, and New Ireland Province in Papua New Guinea. —- […]



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