As an extrovert, I sometimes take for granted how comfortable I feel networking and meet new people. In a professional capacity, it’s an extremely valuable skill to have – to speak confidently in meetings and to make contact with new business prospects. However if you don’t feel comfortable in this situation, then you’ll definitely appreciate the networking tips for introverts from this week’s guest.
Kaley Chu had always been highly introverted. But then she got a new job and didn’t utter a single word in her first client meeting, and decided she wanted to change. This was when she developed the idea for 100 Lunches. Over the course of one year, she had 100 lunches with total strangers in order to break out of her shyness and change her life.
In episode 187 of Be The Drop, recorded LIVE from Pause Fest, Kaley reflects on her extraordinary transformation, from too-afraid-to-speak-to-anyone, to a confident public speaker and published author. She also shares some of her top tips for networking with strangers.
This episode was recorded prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, so during this current time of social distancing you should replace in person lunches with online Skype meetings; however the hints and tips to help you build your connections are now potentially more important than ever.
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