These days have been unlike any other. Like me, I’m sure you’re finding the frequent and daily changes to things we previously considered everyday norms, to be an incredibly surreal experience. Now more than ever is a time to lean in and support each other – even if that needs to be virtually and without physical contact.
To do our part in helping support you and our community, I’ve been compiling a range of materials that you can listen to, watch or read. Looking after each other and taking the time to actively listen to others, is how we can use this time of crisis to find better versions of ourselves.
In episode 186 of Be The Drop, I share a range of resources and tips for how we’re working to manage both our mental health and the challenges of working from home during mandatory self isolation.
I’d like to personally offer an open ear – I’m currently home 24/7 in mandatory self isolation, so I have time and a willingness to listen and help where I can. If you email via we can schedule an online meeting. Stay safe and take care.
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