When you’re going through a crisis, it’s very easy to feel like you’re completely alone. But BUPA Blogger of the Year and Lifestyle Blogger of the Year 2016, Jenni Eyles, quickly found that this was not at all the case when she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, aged 41. After being “carved up”, undergoing unpleasant treatment and believing she was going to die, Jenni stopped sweating the “small stuff” and 3 years ago created Styling Curvy to share her new-found respect and love for her body. Having worked in fashion retail for 25 years, Styling Curvy is as much about fashion as it is about body confidence and cancer, encouraging women of all ages, shapes and sizes to love themselves in the skin they’re in and be more adventurous with fashion.

I was super excited to have Jenni as a guest on Be The Drop, which was recorded live at Adelaide Podcast Festival at The Elephant British Pub, with 14,000+ Facebook fans, nearly 17,000 Insta followers and a profitable business to boot, Styling Curvy is the perfect example of a waterfall that grew from a single drop, Jenni definitely embodies #BeTheDrop.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Jenni talks about being stylish, sassy and a little bit badassy, about building trust with your community, and reveals the best way to deal with online abuse… 

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