How can street art and the community it brings together investigate what it means to be Australian? The Real Australians Say Welcome street art project was inspired by a line in our national anthem. How did this poster series and the subsequent posters spark discussion and debate about multiculturism in Australia? 

Peter Drew has been making street art for the last 9 years, but he began his Real Australians Say Welcome project back in 2014. While studying in Glasgow for a year, Peter considered in depth what it meant to be Australian; when you go overseas, he says, you “become Australian: Peter, the Australian guy.” He felt then that he should have an opinion about what that means. From humble beginnings, you can see his posters all over Australia.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, which was recorded live on stage during the Adelaide Podcast Festival at The Elephant British Pub, Peter talks about the power of the ancient forum of outdoor space, considers the notion of unity and reveals why it’s important to listen to your haters…


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