As a mum and a marketer, I’m fascinated with how we connect to one another as humans – how we learn, how we relate and how we grow into being the best versions of ourselves. But who defined “best” and how do we instil this desire into our children? As adults, how do we avoid being derailed from that path?

John Hunter is an educator of more than 40 years and the inventor of the World Peace Game, a fascinating child-centred, collaborative learning-based board game available in 36 countries. The game encourages children to develop effective communication and conflict resolution skills, while empowering them to experiment and make their own decisions.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, John discusses the importance of teaching children self-empowerment and compassion. He reflects on how his supervisor’s unwillingness to tell him what path to take ended up being the space he needed to develop his life’s work.


This interview was recorded at Annesley Junior School by Narrative Marketing whilst delivering a video project – check out the video via this link or head to our YouTube channel. John’s program at Annesley was sponsored by the Embassy of the United States, Canberra.


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