Part of being human is our ability to hope, to cultivate positivity out of tragedy. Sonya Ryan knows this better than most. The Carly Ryan Foundation was set up by Sonya in the wake of her daughter Carly’s cruel and untimely death, and exists to promote online safety and reduce the abuse of children nationally. Carly’s story is the connector or bridge to Sonya’s community, and the art of storytelling is therefore invaluable to her. 

From launching their own personal safety app to developing Carly’s Law, Sonya and her team embrace the digital world but advocate an educated and empowered approach to its use. An extraordinary woman, Sonya embodies the 110% commitment and focus required to “be the drop” and I was honoured she took time out of her jam-packed schedule to speak to me.  

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Sonya discusses dogged determination, talks about positive connection, and reveals the best way to approach online safety with your children…

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