Hello and welcome to Episode 4 of Be The Drop Podcast.

In this episode, we look at understanding the power of who you are and owning that responsibility. The two simple words own it are incredibly powerful for this dynamic pair and their community. Through their business, The Own It Project they share real life experiences, they are bringing back old fashion life lessons, to support and inspire others. Supported by a range of mentors who are also passionate about helping others, they are uniting their community through the sharing of real life stories.

Through genuine care and whole lot of drive, these ladies are busy motivating a generation to make a change, to make a positive difference in their life. Listen to their episode to help you find a positive mindset.

The lineup for the first season of BTD include a not-for-profit CEO, an Olympian, change makers in numerous industries, a reality TV winner and a social media influencer.

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