In this episode we talk about the story behind the Beard Season movement and how it has grown and is saving at least one person from melanoma each week. Jimmy talks about how every person he meets is invited to be part of their growing story and this has seen the message spread not only in Australia but around the world.

In sharing his Be The Drop communication tip, Jimmy recommends the ‘cannon ball’ technique – a sure fire way to get attention and bring others along for the ride – but you’ll need to listen to the end to hear his advice about this!

Just a heads up, we arranged to meet with Jimmy in a little bar in Sydney, the perfect setting for a man like Jimmy. It does however lend to being a little noisier than we’d like, so apologies in advance for any extra background noise you might be able to hear.

The lineup for the first season of BTD include a not-for-profit CEO, an Olympian, change makers in numerous industries, a reality TV winner and a social media influencer.

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