Today our guest is James Sideris, the creative genius behind Nutorious. Our interview got off to a cracking start as James brought a dark chocolate, coconut, macadamia muffin with raspberry and toasted meringue with a Bounty injection. James uses powerful combinatoins of tastes in his treats to help relay the passion he puts in his food with his customers and audience.

James creates real engagement with his audience through new and innovative tastes that create real culinary experiences for his customers.

James Sideris and Communication That Connects:

  • James unites his community through excitement generated by the creativity of his baked goods.
  • He has built a community by creating products that offer an “experience for the senses” and encouraging people to share their experiences on social media.
  • The Nutorious community are encouraged to take action by sharing their visual experience of his baked goods.
  • Instagram is the key platform that James uses – his delicious images are very well suited to this visual platform.

James’ top communication tip is to be positive. He believes in openness and encouraging others as positivity will create a passionate community. Building people up is the best way to encourage growth for yourself and others.

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