Welcome to Episode 8 of Be The Drop Podcast. Today I chat about all things not-for-profit with Ian Steele, Founder of Kickstart for Kids.

Today’s podcast guest is Ian Steele, CEO of not-for-profit Kickstart for Kids. A former builder and disadvantaged youth counsellor, Ian started noticing a distinct difference between his kids at home and those he worked with day in day out. After delving a little deeper, Ian came to a startling realization. Kids as close as 5km’s out of the CBD were living in impoverish conditions, eating from dumpsters or not eating at all. Ian kicked into action and is now the CEO of Kickstart for Kids. Ian is a passionate, compassionate and yet very matter of fact communicator. He splits his time between acquiring new program sponsors, touching base with volunteers and spreading the word of KSFK to help as many kids as possible.

Today Ian touches on the different elements of a not-for-profit community (volunteers, kids, corporate sponsors), the difference he’s making in all these communities, how important the one on one communication with is volunteers is, how easy it is to motivate his community and what happens when he hears ‘no.’

The lineup for the first season of BTD include a not-for-profit CEO, an Olympian, change makers in numerous industries, a reality TV winner and a social media influencer.

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