The digital content landscape is a noisy space that is constantly evolving. The rate at which this marketing space changes often leaves businesses and marketers with their heads spinning – myself included!

So this week, I sit down with my Narrative Marketing team member Jojo Furnival to share some key tips that we’ve learned about how to achieve success with online content.

Jojo started blogging for business in 2010, and has witnessed firsthand the evolution of digital content and online search. Through her journey, Jojo has learnt that storytelling is the best way to foster genuine engagement, and yet she also stresses that in the digital age, businesses can’t approach written content without seriously considering Search Engine Optimisation.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, we discuss the importance of optimising digital content for both search-ability and readability, we break down some of the jargon terms associated with content optimisation and we also review what you can do to improve your content visibility, so more people will find you online.

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