Keeping on top of my small business accounting needs was something that used to cause me a lot of grief.

Before I met Mitch Uzelac of MU Business Solutions and Edward Bernard of Formula Accounting, I often felt overwhelmed by the many tasks required to manage the financial aspects of my small business. I’m a communication specialist, not an accountant, and at times I felt completely bamboozled by those aspects of running Narrative Marketing.

So I out-sourced. Mitch is a cloud bookkeeping specialist and Ed is a tax accountant. They have the skills, knowledge and experience that I don’t possess and are essential to running my business successfully. If like me, you’re looking to improve how you manage your business finances, then this episode is for you.

In today’s episode of  Be The Drop, we lift the lid on some of the less fun aspects of running a business, we chat about what they call “the Apple of accounting software”, and Mitch reveals the one thing that causes most businesses to fail.

The is Mitch + Ed’s version of Be The Drop

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