How much do you know about where the food you eat comes from or about the people who grow it? Alarming statistics indicate that many Australian students, especially in urban areas, don’t understand where their food comes from or how it’s grown. My Be The Drop podcast guests this week, “George The Farmer” duo Simone Kain and Ben Hood, are on a mission to turn this around.

What started as a business idea to create an informative App and an additional business revenue stream, has grown into a range of books, videos and merchandise to educate an urban audience about rural issues; something they’re hugely passionate about. So passionate in fact, this year they performed 5 shows a day for 14 days straight to approximately 400,000 people at the Sydney Royal Show! 

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Simone, Ben and I discuss the power of storytelling to educate, we hear an impromptu rendition of one of their most popular songs, and they reveal top tips for leaving a lasting legacy… 

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