The digital landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade. Instagram, for example, was launched in October 2010. Now, it’s estimated to be worth more than $100 billion. There’s a whole category of people who earn their living by being Instagram influencers. Digital makes up roughly half of all advertising spend. But with all this transformation has come data privacy issues, cyber-bullying and the birth of social media law.
Paul Gordon, is a Partner at Wallmans Lawyers. Paul is one of the few lawyers in South Australia specialising in social media law, which he has been doing since 2012, which in social media years is a long long time. In fact, that takes us right back to when Facebook bought Instagram.
In episode 190 of Be The Drop, Paul talks about some of the challenges businesses face in today’s world of social media. He outlines key issues to be aware of when sharing content online, plus insights into how social media law is keeping us safe and engaged online.
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