Imagine finding a void and filling it with a community that you help to create with imagination and strategy. Chess is a very strategic and thoughtful game, to become a master chess player takes practice, skill and sound strategy. It’s these principles that Max Mason, of The Henry Austin Restaurant, uses to inspire his next move in business. From developing communication strategies to professional development opportunities, here’s some insight into what makes Max Mason a highly effective business owner.

Impacting Community with a Subliminal and Intelligent Connection

Bringing interesting people together by using their strengths is the key for building a new community. When it comes to strategy, Max is never sure what chess piece he is, but he believes in using an energetic approach to getting things done. Building a community can be a very long game, and Max is in it for the long haul. Passion enthusiasm and energy arehis keys to moving forward.

Motivating Community to Take Action and Delivering on What You Say

People want to support new businesses and new experiences, but they also want familiarity. Letting people know what they are going to get and then making sure you and your constituents deliver on those promises will create trust. It is absolutely paramount to not only deliver but to over deliver and let people walk away knowing what to expect. When it comes to negativity, sometimes accepting and being ok with the prospect of it is the key. You can’t please everyone.

Social Platforms and Emphasizing the Positive

There was a time when Twitter was the king of social media, but with a visual product like unique food items Instagram is a very effective medium. People love to see what it is you offer and especially in a restaurant where what the food looks like is as important as what it tastes like. A brilliant strategy suggested by Max is to use social media to tell your own story – no one knows your story or tells it as well as you can. Also, stay away from using platforms that you don’t understand – it is possible to do more harm than good if you don’t know what you are doing. The same applies to hiring other people to do your social media. Take control of your own voice behind the narrative.

Be The Drop Communication Tip

Max’s top communication tips are to be honest and intelligent. If you face a problem honestly, you can never get into trouble.

About Max

Max Mason is the owner of The Henry Austin Restaurant & Bar. Max has built his communication skills across a broad range of experiences. He has been a maritime archaeologist who made charts of the Antarctic and a festival organizer. Now, he is the man behind The Henry Austin Restaurant & Bar which serves locally sourced food and the finest wines.

He opened The Henry Austin in a building that had been empty for the last 6 years, but prior to that it had been one of the cities busiest restaurants for 40 years. Working with the city council and other business owners, Max is building and revitalizing the midtown community of Adelaide.

He is passionate about this community because this is the group that Max and his restaurant connect with. A chess set symbolizes Max’s approach to business and interacting with his community. He uses strategy to decide his next move and how it will impact his community. He is also cognizant of the reaction his community will have to the decisions he makes.


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