Understanding business publishing within content marketing is one of the most critical of marketing’s key elements. “Marketing” in the digital world is really a function more than a role now, given the remit is so broad. Seeing one aspect of this function as a ‘publishing capability’ provides SMEs with a powerful tool to help them grow their business.

Leticia Mooney is a publisher and content specialist, and Queen Pixie at her business, Brutal Pixie. Leticia has published three books, written boundless blogs, and directed content departments for many businesses, giving her the expertise to train others, consult, and publish great content herself.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, we delve into the hearts and minds of audiences, exploring the practice of creating content, and discuss the many facets of marketing in today’s digital world. Leticia explains her approach to content marketing, and the value of business publishing for SME’s.


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