There is much to learn from other people’s stories, if we take the time to stop and listen. Storytelling can be incredibly powerful and help us to find meaning, build connections and drive change. My guest this week, Brittany Elmslie has a story that’s both extraordinary and extremely relatable.
Brit has achieved more than your average 25 year old – she has reached the pinnacle of international sport, winning 2 Olympic gold medals. As the youngest person on the Australian Olympic team in 2012, Brittany‘s strength, drive and determination got her to the podium. But there was a cost to her success and a challenging journey behind those medals.
In episode 179 of Be The Drop, Brit reflects on the personal shame she felt during her Olympic career and how she overcame it by learning self-compassion. She discusses her retirement from sport in 2019 and the process she went through to discover her new “why”, this is a must-listen for anyone going through a time of transition.
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