The pressure to maintain the status quo and deliver to pre-existing market expectations is felt by many small businesses. There is serious financial risk associated with forging a new way of doing business, and whilst business disruptor are fast becoming a popular buzz words, the reality of potentially alienating customers through disruptive business practice, can be daunting.

Avanti Care, is an excellent example of forging a new path and leading by example. Lidia Conci, the Managing Director of Avanti Care, is focused on creating a movement within aged health care, to help elderly people lead more independent, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Lidia shares how trusting herself has improved her business and also helped her to win the SA Small Business category in the Telstra Business Women’s award. By embracing her purpose in her approach to client and business relationships, Lidia has opened herself to a range of previously inconceivable successes.


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