I’ve been involved in video production for nearly 20 years and audio production for 5 years, over which time I’ve learnt and continue to learn techniques to help craft story. I’ve self taught myself tools like Adobe Premiere and RODECaster Pro but my primary role is not editing, it’s marketing and storytelling. However, through my experience I have learnt the importance and power of good editing to help tell a compelling story.
Alex Plisko is an experienced video editor, currently working for the Nine Network in South Australia, editing the nightly news. So if anyone knows how to tell a story, that quickly engages attention, it’s Alex. He is now also branching into podcasting and is soon to launch his first podcast, Trailer Island.
In episode 193 of Be The Drop, Alex talks about his new audio editing tool, the RODECaster Pro which is helping him kick-start him journey into podcasting. He also shares a range of insights into audio vs video editing and how beginner editors need to feel comfortable about making mistakes.
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