Welcome to Be The Drop Episode 3. In today’s episode, Andrew Morello of Yellow Brick road opens up in this episode and discusses his journey as a simple country boy from Moonee Ponds and the ‘sliding door moment’ of participating in The Apprentice that has seen him become a successful entrepreneur in Sydney.

Andrew provides incredible insights on the importance of working on your core vision, mission and values “all decisions and inspiration for action must be built from this foundation. Then you need to regularly revisit these in order to ensure you reach a common goal.”

Passing on his father’s advice to listeners, Andrew advises “be careful how you treat people on the way up because you never know who you’ll need on the way down.” The interview with him is filled with many such frank and useful advice, have a listen and find out for yourself:

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The lineup for the first season of BTD include a not-for-profit CEO, an Olympian, change makers in numerous industries, a reality TV winner, and a social media influencer.

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