Today, I talk to the passionate, driven and generous co-founder of Vinomofo – Australia’s digital wine guys. In this podcast we talk about who their tribe is, the significance of a small combi-van, what their tribe want and how they go about serving their tribe all in the name of doing good business.

I first met Andre in 2014, as a mentor for MEGA, a 12 week entrepreneurship program in which I participated. I was instantly was drawn to his honesty, energy and willingness to share. As always Andre is candid and insightful into what it means to be a tribe leader, and how important that role is, when building good business.

Warning: this episode contains some strong language. We have included the language as it’s authentic to the way in which Andre communicates with his tribe. If swearing is not your thing, I recommend that you wait until episode 2 which will be released next Monday.

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