Business founders are hard working, driven people. We commit 100% to our business(es), but with the burden of small business financial pressures, it can often feel like we have to juggle everything ourselves. However, my guest this week understands how important it is for founders to be part of a tribe and share business resources in order to support growth.

Peta Ellis knows a thing or two about growth. As CEO of River City Labs, the company grew 550% and post-acquisition expanded into 3 states. Now, as co-founder of Tribe Global and Peak Performance Persona, Peta delivers programs that help business founders to create good personal routines and helps in building healthy business eco-systems, frameworks and infrastructure.

In this episode of Be The Drop, Peta discusses issues facing founders in tech and business today, including resources available to help them. She reflects on the most important factors determining business founder success and the power of storytelling in connecting with your tribe.


Peta’s episode was recorded LIVE at SouthStart in Adelaide – a convergence of humans, impact and technology. Where humans and machines create tomorrow, today. Hit this link if you’d like to learn more about SouthStart.


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