When two shows come together to record a podcast within a podcast, things can get pretty interesting. Particularly when those shows are Be The Drop and The Adelaide Show. Having both participated in the Adelaide Podcast Festival back in March, it was only a matter of time before our shared love of hot cross buns and podcasting brought us together once more for this very special interview.

 The Adelaide Show is a weekly podcast that was originally named Another Boring Thursday Night In Adelaide as a provocative challenge to people who lazily labelled Adelaide as boring! Covering everything from science to business and sport, the common thread for the cohort of persistent listeners is that they “over-index with their engagement with the community at large,” says Steve. Hyper-engagement is in their DNA; they’re out and about at night, meeting people and hearing their stories. And it’s this human contact element to which we kept returning throughout our interview.  

 In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Steve, Nigel and I get philosophical and creative. We talk about the modern technological world and what it means to be human, we explore connection by doing a spontaneous slam poetry jam (in our Facebook videos), and we delve into technology changes that provide audiences with the ability to curate the media they engage with…

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