In episode 282, I discuss my journey of learning and discovery about our first nations people – and how as a non-indigenous Australian I can respectfully recognise and celebrate their cultures. I share my personal experiences, conversations I’ve had and useful resources I have found as I try to improve my understanding and empathy for the perspectives of our First Nations People. As Australia Day rolls around again and conversations about this topic fire up, these links and tools may help provide alternative perspectives, they may help you feel more confident to walk with our First Nations people in a movement of the Australian people for a better future.


Links mentioned in this episode:

  1. Reconciliation Australia:
  2. The Uluru Statement:
  3. Kaurna Language Hub: 
  5. Be The Drop Episode 153 –  Indigenous Stories On Screen With Penny Smallacombe
  6. Be The Drop Episode 194 – The Uluru Statement: Changing The First Nations’ Narrative with Thomas Mayor 
  7. Be The Drop Episode 215 – Cultural Insights And Positive Change With Benson Saulo
  8. Be The Drop Episode 259 – Embracing Cultural Knowledge And Respect In Our Human Journey
  9. Reconciliation Week Video 2020 | The Adelaide Hills Reconciliation Working Group 
  10. A Step Towards Reconciliation: Sarah’s RAP Journey
  11. Everything You Need to Know About the Uluru Statement from the Heart By Megan Davis and George Williams


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