In episode 297, I’m joined by Premier Peter Malinauskas, live at the 2022 CEO Sleepout. A 6th time Sleepout participant, Peter explains his motivation to participate and the extra layer of responsibility he feels, this year participating as the South Australian Premier. We also discuss the critical need to bring together government, nonprofits and the […]
In episode 296, I’m excited to be joined by Robert Tighe, who is a Storytelling Consultant that shares my passion for the power of storytelling. Robert’s personal mission is to help people tell their Origin Stories, these are the stories that define who you are and what you stand for. He shares tips to help […]
In episode 295, I reflect on the very core and foundation of this podcast – what are the elements required to inspire and motivate others to join you in a course of action? The podcast title, Be The Drop is based on the saying a waterfall begins with one drop and through the nearly 300 […]
In episode 294, I’m very excited to welcome back Chris Warman as we continue to track his journey as a stay at home parent. Throughout our documentary series, Transcending The Gender Narrative we talked about gender barriers for parents and the stereotypes that negatively affect both men and women. Implementing a collaborative team approach with […]
In episode 293, recorded live at SouthStart, Ajay Prakash, CEO & Founder of EntryLevel takes us through his journey from startup to an affordable, global cohort-based education platform with over 40,000 students within 6 months of inception. Ajay explains how his experience in other startup companies across deep tech, international trade, education and hospitality underpinned […]
In episode 292, recorded live at SouthStart, I go on a recruitment journey with  Emma Pudney as she details how she reframed and realigned her personal goals to match her professional goals, in order to secure her dream job. Emma explains the detailed and at times confronting steps that she very consciously took, to become […]
In episode 291, which was recorded live at SouthStart, I lean into an often taboo conversation and discuss money with Trenna Probert, Founder and CEO of Super Fierce. Trenna reveals some of the alarming statistics of the current financial inequality facing women in Australia today – particularly in the superannuation gap; a space where taking […]
In episode 290, which was recorded live at SouthStart, I am thrilled to be again joined by the passionate advocate for change Moira Were AM. Moira is a distinguished social entrepreneur and advocate for women and people who are impacted by systems that don’t work for them, by bringing innovative and inclusive approaches to business, […]
In episode 289, which is recorded live at SouthStart, Anna El Tahchy, the Chief Technical Officer at Nourish Ingredients explains how she’s part of a team working to find smarter, more sustainable ways to help feed the demand of the world’s population in years to come. To create a real shift in our food system […]
In episode 288, I give myself permission to pause. I’m listening to my physical and emotional well-being which has been stressed and under pressure. Many of my guests have talked about how important it is to prioritise ourselves first, so this week that’s what I’m doing. To ensure you’re not left feeling empty handed, I’m […]
In episode 287, creator of ‘The Bone Cage’ Dr Corinna Di Niro explains how her immersive theatre piece gives audiences a glimpse into the thoughts, feelings, perceptions and turmoil women experience when living in an abusive relationship. Corinna talks about why she wove immersive technology with live theatre to enhance the impact of the story […]
In episode 286, Robyn Verrall the Founder of Bully’s Meats, explains how to be part of the solution, not just talk about the problems. Robyn is focused on actions that lead to positive change, giving back in meaningful ways and using your business as a vehicle to create a movement that matters. Robyn shares important […]
In episode 285, Director of Operations at Yallingup Cheese Co, Alana Hill-Ling explains the steps she took to build her passion into a business. With a background in winemaking, a passion for eating cheese and the gorgeous Margaret River as her backdrop, Alana took proactive action and worked hard to build her business. Learning on […]
In episode 284, I’m joined by visibility coach and personal brand mentor, Kristen Werner. Kristen is a big thinker, problem solver and strategic planner who looks for ways to simplify the complicated. We discuss her passion for helping women to own their superpower, to be magnetic in sharing their own passions and how she’s creating […]
In episode 283, Amelia unveils her predominant good feeling word for 2022. Using the framework created by Nardia Renney, she explains what actions she plans to implement throughout her daily and weekly life, in order to honour her feelings and needs for her intention and purpose in 2022. In episode 277, Amelia explained how she […]
In episode 282, I discuss my journey of learning and discovery about our first nations people – and how as a non-indigenous Australian I can respectfully recognise and celebrate their cultures. I share my personal experiences, conversations I’ve had and useful resources I have found as I try to improve my understanding and empathy for […]
In episode 281, Yvonne Sears, Managing Director of ISD Cyber shares a range of insights into the world of Cyber Security. Yvonne explains what cyber security is and unpacks some of the ambiguity or confusion in this space. We also discuss some of the key actions businesses should take as basic precautions against data breaches […]
In episode 280, Founder of Soul Archaeology, Suzanne Thompson joins me to discuss how to create space and time to practice self love. Suzanne shares how through her journey and development of oneness with self, especially through the practice of meditation she has come to release how incredibly empowering these skills are. Suzanne is now […]
In episode 279, I replay episode 228 that helped us kickstart and reframe our sense of self in early 2021. Leadership Coach and mentor, Nardia Renney discusses how we can allow ourselves to thrive by aligning with our values. The tools that she explains and the worksheet that is available to support this episode, had […]
In episode 278, I look back at the top five most downloaded episodes. I often get asked by people what my favourite episode is and I struggle to answer because that would be like picking a favourite child! However, I can reveal our top five most listened episodes of all time.  In 5th place is […]
In episode 277, I reflect on the work that I have done in 2021 to give myself the gift of Joy – and as my Christmas gift to you, I share some tips on how you can do the same. I talk about the conscious decision and work that I have done in order to […]
In episode 276, I’m very excited to welcome back Chris Warman. Well actually, we recorded this episode before he left but are releasing now as he celebrates his role as new Dad to baby Patricia. Throughout our documentary series, Transcending The Gender Narrative we talked to many men about their desire to be more involved […]
Episode 275, was recorded LIVE after the Creative Industries panel discussion. Audience members were invited to ask questions of the three panel members Evan Dalziell of Northern Sound System, TikTok star Jenna with the PINK and me, your podcast host Amelia Veale. As a content creator, you may have some of these questions! From how […]
Episode 274, was recorded LIVE at the Creative Industries panel discussion where we hear from Evan Dalziell of Northern Sound System, TikTok star Jenna with the PINK and me, your podcast host Amelia Veale. We discuss the changing world of media consumption and broadcast channels, sharing our top tips on how to embrace these new […]
In episode 273, I’m joined by Fiona Mort, head of 1800RESPECT, the national helpline for sexual assault, domestic and family violence. Fiona discusses the barriers and challenges women must overcome in their journey to escape domestic violence, often for them and their children. Fiona also explains how lack of understanding and seemingly innocent questions such […]
In episode 272, I am equal parts excited and sad as we say ‘farewell for now’ to the legendary Chris Warman. The sad part is obvious, having worked with Chris for many years now, it’s hard to imagine Narrative Marketing without him. However, Chris leaves to start a new and exciting chapter as he and […]
In episode 271, I am thrilled to speak with Moira Were AM who shares her extensive and practical advice on how we can evolve, shift or reshape, the systems that no longer serve us; the systems that are holding current inequalities in place. Moira draws insights from her different roles, as a Cultivator for Ethical […]
In episode 270, I speak to Supt James Blandford about the frontline realities experienced through his work with SA Police, responding to domestic violence. Supt Blandford discusses the need for wider community understanding, the critical need to be informed and educated about the alarming rates of domestic violence within our community. On average, one woman […]
In episode 269, I am joined by the inspirational Sarah Gun, Founder of GOGO events and the GOGO Foundation as well as a Co-founder at Collab4Good. Sarah and I discuss what it means to build impact chains or ripples of positive influence, starting from where you are with what you have. We discuss the upcoming […]
In episode 268, host Amelia Veale shares her top tips and advice for how to create professional looking videos to communicate your messages. In this solo episode, I share answers to some of the most common questions I get asked when I deliver our training – Film Like A Pro On Your Phone. I discuss […]



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