In episode 264 of Be The Drop, I’m joined by Lauren Hillman, General Manager at Channel 44 to discuss the critical importance of sharing real stories that represent real life situations. Lauren shares her experience and insights from working in Commercial TV and broadcast radio, to her role now in Community TV. Lauren provides tips […]
In episode 263 of Be The Drop, leadership and brand storytelling expert Gabrielle Dolan, returns to share her tips on how to tell Magnetic Stories. We discuss what brand storytelling is and the common mistakes businesses make when trying to tell their brand story. Gabrielle explains the five types of stories companies should seek to […]
In episode 262 of Be The Drop, Keynote Marketing Speaker and Columnist for The Drum, Samuel Scott discusses how to walk the talk and be a purposeful company that actually delivers on their beliefs, even if it’s not always profitable. This interview was recorded at Pause Fest 2021, and as a media partner of the […]
In episode 261 of Be The Drop, fellow podcast host James Perrin from The Overview Effect, leads a panel discussion with Maree Lowes, Dirtgirl actor from Dirtgirlworld and docuseries Eat.Dirt; Chris Andrew, General Manager of Black Duck Foods and George Peppou, Co-Founder and CEO, Vow Food. The conversation is an informed and passionate look into […]
In episode 260 of Be The Drop, environmental scientist, author, adventurer and public speaker Tim Jarvis AM explains how he has linked his expeditions in Antarctica to his work supporting solutions for climate change and biodiversity loss. From re-creating Ernest Shackleton’s Epic Expedition to addressing world business leaders at global climate change events, Tim applies […]
In episode 259 of Be The Drop, Mickey O’Brien, Cultural Educator and Advisor, descendant of the Kaurna and Narrunga peoples, reflects on the need to look for the commonalities, not for the differences in our cultures. Mickey shares how he’s working to support Aboriginal people to retain their knowledge whilst living in the pressures of […]
In episode 258 of Be The Drop, Anna Vincent, Film Producer and co-Founder of SLA Films discusses the requirement for filmmakers to embrace entrepreneurial principles. She explains how in the contemporary new world of film releases, creative teams can have a big impact on their film’s success, by connecting directly with audiences through social media.   […]
In episode 257 of Be The Drop, Nigel Wilson, Director at Australis Chambers discusses the underpinning structure and processes that are required to enable fast-moving and people focussed leadership. As we move through the covid-19 pandemic, Nigel looks at how we can utilise strategic governance frameworks to provide practical assistance for effective response, recovery and […]
In episode 256 of Be The Drop, Principal at Startmate, Lauren Capelin explains how a well-structured pitch can help you attract investor attention. We discuss how knowing what to include and what to leave out of your story, will simultaneously demonstrate your value and build curiosity; leaving potential investors wanting to know more.  This is […]
In episode 255 of Be The Drop, Tyson Drake explains performance marketing as the ability to quantify how you’re acquiring customers. He shares tips and insights into how you can track and review your marketing performance in terms of how much your customer acquisition costs and what return you’re getting. Tyson explains how to use […]
In episode 254 of Be The Drop, Chief evangelist at Canva, Guy Kawasaki is in conversation with Peta Petrakis as they discuss how to hone, accelerate and amplify creativity. This interview was recorded at Pause Fest 2021, and as a media partner of the event, it is my absolute pleasure to share some of the […]
In episode 253 of Be The Drop, experienced corporate lawyer Gerry Cawson, from Kain Lawyers discusses the process of capital raising and the different types of capital available at different stages of growth. The world of raising funds to grow your business can be complex and confusing but Gerry’s tips will help you navigate due […]
In episode 252 of Be The Drop, we look at how to forge space for creativity with Murray Galbraith, Founder at Half Decent and mentor with Startmate. Murray discusses the importance of building imagination blocks of time into your schedule, that include time for curiosity without a specific outcome. We discuss how removing boundaries and […]
In episode 251 of Be The Drop, Nicole Dyson, Founder of Future Anything, explains how they are working to transform young people’s passion and curiosity into innovative ideas that make their world a better place. Motivated to make education engaging and with real world relevance, Nicole utilised her teaching background to develop in-curriculum programs that […]
In episode 250 of Be The Drop, Tim Best, Operations Manager of the Vinnies Crisis Centres joins me to discuss the complex and sometimes life threatening issues facing women in crisis. He explains the prevalence of domestic violence as the key reason for women and children seeking crisis accommodation and support services. We also explore […]
In episode 249 of Be The Drop, we dive into social media and digital trends with Daniel Lean, the APAC Manager, Customer Success and Professional Services at Hootsuite. Over the past 12 months social media usage has increased but the question remains; how to improve ROI for social media and digital strategies? Daniel discusses some […]
In episode 248, CEO and Co-founder at Fleet Space Technologies, Flavia Tata Nardini, shares her inspirational startup journey. Launching a space tech startup in Australia, at a time when the country didn’t yet have a space agency, took guts, commitment and hard work. Flavia steps us through lessons she’s learned and touches on her role […]
In episode 247, Standard Ledger Founder and Managing Partner, Remco Marcelis, shares his personal insights on Startup Maths. Motivated to help entrepreneurs avoid the challenges and personal cost associated with his journey, Remco explains the key financial aspects to consider when raising funds in the Startup process. He provides tips to help navigate the best […]
In episode 246, Katherine Boiciuc Director and Brent Duffy Joint Managing Director at Maximus International, discuss courageous leadership. They explain how internalised fear, created by negative self-talk holds us back and how we shift this through a committed change in mindset and the stories we tell ourselves. They also reveal tips and habits you can […]
In episode 245, founder of PR and communications firm Studio Self, Joan Westenberg, discusses storytelling and community. Joan explains that story is the centre of what brings people together to share who they are and what they believe in; and how you can genuinely engage with your audience’s conversation by discovering who they are.  This […]
In episode 244, Sérgio Brodsky, Principal Consultant at SURGE Advisory discusses the elements of foresight with Lucio Ribeiro, Business Strategy and Digital Consultant at Lucio.AI. This episode is a little different than my normal format, as the interview was recorded as a “Fireside Chat” at Pause Fest 2021. Pause Fest has a mission to bring […]
In episode 243, we look back at some of our Be The Drop Tips. From genuine curiosity of your customers, to love and connection, my guests share their top tips on how you can communicate and amplify your story to create impact.  Tips in this this episode are shared by Lisa Leong, Derrick McManus, Ben […]
In episode 242, San-San Truong, Co-Chair of the Australian Graphic Design Association in Victoria and Design Director at Supersan Design discusses the importance of creativity. We talk about the value of structure in creativity, how the two work together and how to push the boundaries to create better or clearer messages. >> Episode recorded in […]
In episode 241, social researcher and bestselling author of 19 books, Hugh Mackay, discusses the joy of discovering who we are. He explains the importance of looking at our inner self, not with a view of independence but with one of interdependence. Hugh reveals ways to build this through re-connecting with a sense of community […]
In episode 240 of Be The Drop, Founder of Small Fires Publishing, Grace O’Hara explains why humans need humility for impact. We discuss how individuals can use their own power to remove obstacles for others – and why that’s important. Grace also shares why we should measure success in equal parts of impact and happiness.  […]
In episode 239, Founder of She’s The Boss Group, Jules Brooke discusses the current movement of change and how women are turning the challenges of the pandemic into opportunities to create positive progress. We talk about why it’s critical for women to empower other women and reflect on the importance of men as both allies […]
In episode 238, Co-Founder of iDiscover, Ester van Steekelenburg explains why it’s important to keep cultural heritage alive for a more vibrant and viable urban future. She explains the value of unlocking community stories to connect people and places to help us celebrate the spirit of place.  >> Episode recorded in conjunction with Pause Fest […]
In episode 237, Author and Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, Jess Scully discusses the need for active citizenship and the responsibility we all share, for taking action to be a part of global solutions. Jess provides tips on how to be a proactive voice for the positive change you want to see and how to […]
In episode 236 of Be The Drop, Founder of The Right-brain Workout, Alex Wadelton shares why creativity is now more important than ever. We discuss the importance of following a path that feels meaningful and how to foster and improve creative techniques. Alex shares some of his creative highlights and reveals how connectedness was critical […]
In episode 235, Principal and Creative Director Steve Davis shares lessons learnt from the launch and growth of Talked About Marketing. We discuss Oscar Wilde and the value of not taking oneself too seriously, to help navigate serious conversations in lighthearted ways. Steve weaves entertaining stories throughout the episode as he introduces us to Professor […]



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